Episode 387 Interview with Abigail Hilton

Episode 387 is an interview with my friend and fellow podcaster Abigail Hilton, who (writing as “A H Lee“) has a new series of fantasy erotic romance novels that are coming to audio on her Patreon campaign and on Audible, the first of which is “Incubus Caged” The first four episodes of “Incubus Caged” will be running in the Nobilis Erotica Podcast feed; supporters on Abbie’s Patreon campaign at the $3 level will be able to hear all of it until mid-December.  Abbie mentions a few authors she likes in the interview, here are links to them: Rainbow Rowell  K. Read more...


Nothing planned currently.


“Monster Whisperer” –¬†Complete, sent to editor

“Big Thomas” – Back burner

“It’s Not the Years”¬†– 16k out of 30k


Monster Whisperer