Theme Music Search Contest

In February, I’m going to be putting together a new intro/outtro. This will mean new theme music.

To find that new theme music, I’m holding a contest. You don’t have to be a musician, you just have to have some time on your hands.

Here’s what I need in terms of music: It has to be catchy and distinctive without being too invasive, because it’s going to go under my intro and outtro voice-over. The rights either need to be cheap to license(i.e. or else free (i.e. or, or else from a creator that would be likely to be willing to license the music to me for this purpose.

And that’s pretty much it.

Here’s how to enter: Send me an email with a link to where the music is hosted (or enclose it in the email) with the subject line MUSIC CONTEST.

Deadline is January 31, 2010. That’s all.

Judging: I will listen to all suggestions, and pick the one I think would make the best theme music. If multiple entries are received suggesting the same winning song, then I will conduct a random drawing between those entries.

Prize: The winner will receive signed print copies of “Magical Clothes” and “Peepshow”.

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