Annual Podcast Intro Music Contest

Woof!  I almost forgot to do this.

Here’s how this works: Every year, in January, I switch the podcast theme music. It’s probably not “good branding” but screw it, it’s fun and I like to change things up.

So here’s how you enter:

Either record or locate good theme music for my podcast that is:
1> Creative Commons licensed, or licensable for a reasonable fee
2> Instrumental (i.e. no vocals)
3> Appropriate for my podcast

The one I pick to be the 2014 theme song will be a winner.


I’m adding a new wrinkle this year.  If you’re not musical, or even if you are, you can also record a disclaimer for 2014. There’s no script for it (if you listen back in the archives you’ll hear that I’ve used many different scripts) but the gist is a warning to the listener that the podcast has sexy stuff.  Be witty, or sexy, or whatever you think will get my attention, and you can win that one too.  I’ll be judging based on sound quality as well as wit and voice.


Anyone who submits to either of these two contests will also be placed in a random drawing, so even if you don’t think you can win on the merits, it’s to your advantage to submit something.


Send me your entries via email.  I’ll take submissions up until the end of 2013, and I’ll post the entries in the podcast on January 1.


I’ve got a big prize basket this year, consisting of not only my own works, but a bunch of swag I’ve gotten from Circlet Press. Winners will be able to pick from a rather long list of cool stuff.

So get cracking!  Time’s getting short.

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