An overpopulated space station threatens to separate two young loves. At any moment, Challers Dizen could find himself conscripted by the Fleet and forced to become one of their lethal, over-muscled Marines, while Valka Parl could be taken away by the gluttonous Merchants. Their only hope to stay to gether is to join the mysterious Scouts. Luckily, just in the nick of time, a Scout ship arrives at their station and whisks Challers and Valka away to begin their training. They soon learn, however, that exploring space as a Scout means exploring their sexuality in ways they never imagined. Will their experiences tear them apart, or strengthen their bond? And are the Scouts really the saviors they seem to be? Only the future will tell.

Through some accident of time and space, you can now follow the hero and heroine of the novel, Challers and Valka, on Twitter!

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